Combining a full time job
with my gaming passion

Bernardo Lourenço
“It all started when I was a kid, building memories with my friends and brother around the first PlayStation. No match, no fight was given for free. That´s when I started building long-lasting memories connected by the magical dot: playing games.

18 years have passed, I moved from Portugal to the UK and now gaming is called Esports. Funny times ain't it? Nowadays I flow from CS, Lol and Fortnite and sometimes also kick ass on Clash Royale. I also love some popcorn gamer sessions with friends watching some of our favorite streamers. But nothing beats the feeling of getting home from work and smashing. it This a LAN party version 2020 noooobsss!

But, adult life has tickled an idea in my mind.. context: I am digital marketer who worked until the Summer of 2018 in the United Kingdom for one of the most fast-paced e-commerce businesses.

The amount of
energy drinks

You wouldn’t imagine the amount of energy drinks, supplements and pills, artificial sugary drinks, overdosed formulas, coffee and nootropics and the sugar crash after that 4/6 sugar rush. Also, the amount of water, supplements, pills, I used to consume to get me through the day and put my mind at 100% when I got home and could finally be the real me.

Natural stuff

Plus, I tried all the natural stuff out there: meditation, gym, sleeping always at the same time, natural extracts…and that’s when this “non-programmed” experiment lead me to my eureka moment… To gather all gamers and create this movement.

The best performance at work
and specially at home playing

All this combined with a kick ass demanding job led me to research and try some techniques to have the best performance at work and specially at home playing.

The crash

Combining a full time job with my gaming passion: I was feeling too much the blue light, the crash, hated the artificial ingredients (GMO´s and non vegan). Couldn’t pass to the next level.

Building a one-man task force to study the market, taste every product, look for natural substitutes, understand correlations, speak with fellow gamers, understand how the gaming and sports markets are evolving…

This needs to be
something created
from gamers to gamers.

Bernardo Lourenço
Bernardo Lourenço