that you choose


May help reduce stress and anxiety
May increase energy levels
May improve concentration

Bacopa monnieri

May boost brain function.
May prevent anxiety and stress.
May help lower blood pressure levels.


Benefits muscle health (helps in regulating muscle contraction)
May Help With Fat Loss


It May Improve Blood Sugar
It May Reduce Hunger and Cravings


Contributes to iron absorption
Development and maintenance of bone, connective tissue, and organs such as the brain and heart
Activation of the immune system

Ginseng extract

May Benefit Brain Function.
May Have Potential Benefits Against Cancer
May Fight Tiredness and Increase Energy Levels

Gingko Biloba

Reduces Symptoms of Psychiatric Disorders and Dementia
Can Reduce Anxiety
Can Treat Depression
Can Support Vision and Eye Health


May increase oxygen supply to your muscles
May help delaying discomfort and reduce fatigue
May reduce muscle soreness after exercise
Contributes to a better transport of oxygen throughout your body and muscles


Effects on Muscle Gain and Exercise Performance
Can help reduce a blood marker of fatigue during two hours of running


Support Eye Health
May reduce the effects of “bad” LDL cholesterol

Maca Root extract

Boosting energy and endurance
Improving learning and memory
Improving mood


Helps in cardiovascular health
May reduce anxiety symptoms


Plays a Role in Blood Sugar Regulation
Linked to Lower Incidences of Epileptic Seizures
Plays a Role in the Metabolism of Nutrients

Natural caffeine & guarana extracts

Can Reduce Fatigue and Improve Focus
May Help You Learn Better
May Boost Heart Health

Niacin (Vitamine B3)

Boosts Brain Function
May Reduce Symptoms of Arthritis


Helps Regulate Muscle and Heart Contractions
Helps maintaining a healthy metabolism
Associated with better learning and memory


Powerful antioxidant
Helps prevent mental decline
Boosts your immune system
connective tissue, and organs such as the brain and heart
Activation of the immune system


Helps sending nerve impulses

Balances fluids in the body

Improves Brain Function


Enhanced, jitter-free and sustained energy
Promotes positive mood elevation & mental clarity
Provides stimulatory effects without adaptation or habituation

Vitamin B12

May Reduce Your Risk of Macular Degeneration
May Benefit Your Brain by Preventing the Loss of Neurons
May Give You an Energy Boost

Vitamine B5

Promotes healthy skin, hair, and eyes
Crucial for proper functioning of the nervous system and liver
Needed for making red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body


Increase strength and improve muscle mass as well as promote recovery after exercise
Help regulating immune function

Yerba Mate extract

Strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the joy of chocolate.
May Help You Lose Weight and Belly Fat
Can Boost Energy and Improve Mental Focus
Rich in Antioxidants and Nutrients